Cumberland Adventures

Weekly Schedules

The 2019 RSSVL Season is now underway. Please see below for schedule information. Good luck, and have a great season!


2019 Sunday Night Schedule

2019 Sunday Night - Weeks 5-10 Schedule



2019 Monday Night Schedule

2019 Monday - Weeks 5-10



2019 Tuesday Night Schedule

2019 Tuesday Night - Weeks 5-10 Schedule


2019 Wednesday Night Schedule

2019 Wednesday Night - Weeks 5-10 Schedule


2019 Thursday Night Schedule

2019 Thursday Night - Weeks 5-10 Schedule


2019 Friday Night Schedule

2019 Friday Night - Weeks 5-10 Schedule

Meet Our Team


Gerry's been the RSSVL's General Manager since 2007, handling the league's overall operations, including organizing the team schedules and special events.

Mary Jones


Murray has operated the RSSVL since its inception in the 90’s. He coordinates the beach volleyball with the rugby union, and focuses on maintaining the courts and working with the league's General Manager.












Events will be posted as they become available.